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this path walks like a riddle
with joy is the birth of sorrow
grasping at what lies in the middle
with concepts like tools I borrow
stepping into today’s hurdles
give up the cross of tomorrow

this vertigo is not the fear
of falling
but the desire’s trepidation
of flying
standing on the canyon’s ledge
of your next moment’s edge
nothing remains but change
what are you willing to lose
with the wind’s brushing
against your wings fluttering
the pit in your belly
looking down the abyss
freedom’s face reveals
rage, surprise, fear
what is the illness
which is the mask
what is the task
the part and the actor

habitual resisting
and hardening again
anything but standing
face to face
with that which lays
you bare
vulnerable with rain
the skies pour open
crying out their pain
breaking and uniting
dissolving what divides
ideas are clouds
crowding the mental sky

the moon’s other face
our connecting element
the courage to love
is the heart’s fearlessness
of being

what exactly are
the symptoms
of happiness