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you are the greatest
love story of my life
that never happened
words in the darkness
lost to the silence
set down in stillness
with a knot in the stomach
I walked away
because I had to

the truth is within
organizing the frailty
of chaotic weakness into
bustling renewed strength

it’s the joy of being free
at last
that fights back the sadness
that I couldn’t love you
the way I wanted to
that I couldn’t keep
what wasn’t meant to be

even though I’m done
on this front
closed the door I’m gone
burned the house down
there is no one
else to replace
the queen’s king
and I’m not missing
anything by having
all of me
I am complete

the memory of your scent
is still in me
it always is

I’m out of moves
there’s nothing left to say
there’s nowhere to go
but up
I own this grace
honed down to an edge
I keep the peace
and loving kindness

when it gets quiet
it’s still your face
that comes back to me
intimate like a song
that haunts my memory
it doesn’t hurt
it brings a smile
sweetly stretching
inside me
appreciating the beauty
of how you touched me
and what was opened

to live, to love and have lost
I can never tell you this
is the secret fire
you are
my one and only
the power of the sacrifice
lies in the price paid
living with gentle
of what died
it only has meaning
if it cost you dearly
and it took nearly