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if it moved it hurt
what came then went
the best to the worst
running the full length
of the cycle’s ground
elation’s a bubble
waiting to burst
death is birth
I’ve gone underground
where I can’t be found
without judgment
in the land of the drowned
with the heart of the crown
calling to found
a new order of being
without isms
without sounds
without resentment
my eight legged mother
teaches me spinning
means weaving a bed
in the cell where
I see the sky
for the first time
for all those years
the beauty was not
for the eyes that missed
and as it passes over
and away
is when it becomes clear
the heartbreak
the rising
the dying
the phoenix
I am
sister to the flame’s
innermost longing
awaiting the moment
of discovery
breaking away
into understanding
like final parting
beginning a new day