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only when you can truly weep
the guttural heartbreak’s agony
of knowing the bitterness of choice
will you know how to keep
a gentle voice

the wealth of being happy
is not earned sitting hiding
but on the tears of self-discovery
like holy robes of what you learned
on the skin of your judgments facing
theory in practice honed
living the struggle

and just think
after all that
the up and the down
the back and the forth
the love and the hate
the swinging
from state to state
like you were still
a monkey in a tree
there you still are
with all your glory
the hopes and fears
and then nothing

the same becomes different
when morning comes
waking me up
in the jungle of my mistakes
like medals of femininity
crossing the boundaries
of her delirious omnipotence
my woman pride raked over coals
with the intensity
of powerlessness
do I wait or seek
begging for relief
turn within or without
there is no pause
to the lesson’s siege
brought by loneliness
the chymical marriage
is within

the war rages on
the turmoil of carnage
exposes the garbage
of all the conflicts
expectations and resentments
anonymous and insignificant
I’m no superwoman
I’m just a girl
following a breath
to its end