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you’ve wasted your pearls
on so many pigs
you begin to wonder
if the game is rigged
I’ve learned just three things
you have to see love
without the greed of need
you have to burn desire
without its lust for fire
you have to meet life
in the eye and to its face
without the weight
of all your heartbreak
then you can begin
to see again
your basic mistake
the cost of what you paid
the sticker price
didn’t mean a thing
the same old tricks
don’t get you like they did
the turns are slower
the road longer
your breaths counting down
like so many stones
on the beach reclaimed
by the coming and going
of the waves
you’ve been spun
around a bit
needed to reach out
nothing came back
and in the silence
you discovered
the lonely answer
like the north wind
blown across
the cliffs of your solitude
written in your age
ancient like the blood
that pumps in your veins
it wasn’t much of a trade
but the memories fade
and eventually you see
the pattern that takes
its place
they do better
when you vanish
the last call of your
arrival signals the
start of a departure
and wishing loses
its charm all that
remains is loss
and sitting in a chair
with blanketed
understated sorrows
you’ve now felt bad
about yourself so long
how incompatible you are
with the world
brainwashed that you
are the problem
knowing your full insignificance
that with or without you
life goes on