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on a throne of stone
I held a dream long gone
power of a crown
cherished and decayed
lost to the fray
in my hands a promise
an invisible strand
tendrils of connected karma
like a present passing
becoming a future sense
slipping into a past tense
the beauty of unity
holding together what’s separate
abandon cruelty and just love
we’ll be alone just the same
holding up a glove as the challenge
to understand what fails to escape
the claim that lays out its stakes
facing each other to exchange
the breath we forgot to take
together mapping a key
to the suffering
replacing with resolve
what’s yet to come
as above so below
shot through the gut
with the fierce blow
you hit me so hard
and i dug out of my pride
into the kindness
that does not indulge
stories yet sees clearly
the terrible usual
suspects addressing itself
with diamond clarity
your eyes pierce me
with a gaze
that pushes me beyond
the mirror’s reflected
the reasons of all my treasons
I left behind in the sand
the measure of your humanity
is weighed in the net worth
of how you treat the one
who can do nothing for you
not just how you meet
the one you love
in the dark the light
of a sunrise soft
like the warmth of colors
a song’s climax
the beginning and the end
there I remembered
it was no more
than the cast of perception
there in the depths
I sought the answer
there in the stillness
it all fell apart
and all that was left
was the open question