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so you got your pride
to keep you warm at night
in your own private suicide
swallowed like a pill of cyanide
tell me was it worth it
you’re so full of opinions
about what’s wrong and right
facts and truth are squeezed
into oblivion subjugated
slave to a strange logic
emotionally charged attachments
valued priorities
denial for all the you
that you can’t see
yet it’s in plain sight through
your worldview and the projected
sterterous reasons that others
do what they do
indirectly reflecting back exactly
who you’ve chosen to be
and you call the seer’s sight
insanity because you can’t handle
reality because you’re the victim
you loved oh so much and then
it was meaningless
instead of facing the facts
because you gave
with a half full heart
when the effects read
within the consequences
the children of all your causes
clearly stated undeniably
you loved your story of yourself
than all your claims and promises
in deeds rather than words
your intentions bore fruit
you told yourself
you didn’t do it all for you
but for some beloved
yet you believe everyone
is only out for themselves
but like all the lies
you trick yourself with
it’s not like you stood a chance
when you can’t view yourself
combined with
you thought you were oh so right
and that somehow that mattered
you mistake your opinions for truths
what you invested in
divested you of clarity
and happiness became an elusive
beating of wings beyond your grasp
and so you made a mess
of all that was given
and continue to stumble blindly
in a kind of hell of stupidity
because you have your pride
whatever’s left of it
like threads through a rug
and you tell yourself
you have an open mind
and no more pride left
more lies ingested to justify
what still you can’t see
you rail against your frustration
externalize it
because of your fear
but tell me
was all that worth it
the price and the cost
of everything you’ve lost
when all you had to do
was just look at it
without stories
without worries
just as it is