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you shed a lot of tears
weathering the years
slipping past and by
storms of clutching fears
your youth spent
wasted on pride
and being right
and now
you negotiate with solitude
the uncompromising truths
tracing the many mistakes
like a map to concentrating
to still the causes and conditions
of tempests in your mental sky
and your beliefs melt like wax
when the sun appears
is there a battle or a war
inside the landscapes
unseen by those outside
with meanings assigned
built just to feed to the fire
dismantling your shelters
one log at a time
you have to keep warm somehow
in the darkest night
the lines blur together
judgments seem arbitrary
and you find yourself
confined to the island
watching the suffering
of living and struggle intrinsic
all around and about
joy is like light poking
through the clouds
not so rare up there
but down here
it’s easy to see
from a distance
yet hard to find
close up
on the island
you make the best
of what’s past
to navigate what’s coming
on the island
you wield the sorcery
of clarity into a craft
you unravel the threads
of being
and wait for the right time
on the island
you learn silence
is most profound
and the hardship
is your wand
like Prospero biding his time
the forces of nature collide
and here you chafe
tempering will against urge
between earth and skies