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not being close to you
is a wound as deep
as the joy is sheer
for this new life
in my womb as I dive
farther into the working years
of my days adrift at sea
watching you sail away
while I’m scaling the steep
face of the mountain’s climb
how long it will take
to finally get there
wherever that is meant to be
to be joined with the truth
cutting bittersweet
and miles stretching in between
how my heart beats
how my wants need
learning the curved meanings
of responsibilities and humility
living for the well-being
of those who depend on me
there is no more sacred path
that will lead right to you
or me
there at the end
I see where it bends
the melancholy accompanies
the hanged man
how I love you transcends
everything I would sacrifice
to awaken
but one day like a leaf
I’ll tumble
quiet and unnoticed
the poet’s poeting
her greatest legacy yet
what matters most of me
will stay for a bit
long after I’m gone
and for you my muse
I will upend every rock
none left unturned and silent
scouring the earth
of its very meaning
till the meaning too has left
and what remains
is the power
of your open question
so live and rejoice
this moment’s ephemeral
fleeting we can’t hold
but here in a tender sense
a lasting aspiration
for bettering our blind sides
ignorance shields me
from complete clarity
for you I breathe
for you
it’s always been
in the dark
behind my breath
finding the essence
of inner strength
reflecting back
from what’s left behind
live well and you’ll live twice
once in the present
and twice when you remember