Samsaran I am
wanting and not wanting
genetically built-in
the side of me that sees
through my father’s eyes
i look to the shaman’s right
inside and out in the
truths and the lies
we are the ones
so big and selfish
yet so tender and kind
duality is a smile
when your heart is pounding
learning to not yield to the wash
of what’s pulling you apart
it’s just a tide
so I hold my breath and dive
back down where the light
fades so hard to play a balancing
act not flying off the handle
and becoming very still
the point is you can’t change
without changing how you see
to the left in my chest
my woman’s breast
my mother’s sight
intuition speaks quietly
unbound from conditions
that dictate insight
these rationales climb with reasons
up the ladder of intellect’s fight
in every system is the natural schism
every system of belief meets
its inevitable paradox
stay honest stay kind
find happiness in the small
access you have with your
body and your mind
don’t be afraid of regret
until you know it like your
best friend you can’t live or die
without it and then delight
when it leaves you like
a bad taste washed down
it’s like fear but you keep breathing
it doesn’t matter what he said she said
it doesn’t change how their hearts
shattered into a million pieces of
weeping streams
lost to the inevitable
perishing in life’s adventuring
the availability of your heart
is what tells the world
you stand apart yet connected
in truth lies acceptance
and the curl of my refuge
is the place I rest my head
when I lay down
on a different frequency
pain isn’t pain
on a different mental plane
cruelty lacks agency
while ignorance claims its fame
with the name of the game
this shit’s a hustle every day
the takers and the taken
who wants the flowers and the chocolates
and who gets them
in it the millions of little lives
breaking under the weight
of their own prides
but we are the ones
who remain joyful not because
we don’t want
or because we don’t see
rather it’s just a challenge
embraced of self and other
there is no getting away
from what comes out your face
and wherever i go there
I am with all my inglorious self
so love or hate
patience stays the hand
that would strike the weak
and with my tiny drum
and little tin cry
bobbing in the sea
you and me
smiling we recognize
the infinite precious
in each other’s eyes
my importance isn’t so great
when I see
I would give my life for you
in a heartbeat