the breakfast bacon came off the pig’s back
where the chicken laid her eggs again
there seems to be a disconnect
between poverty and wealth
the separation of polarity’s mistake
rulership and authority with hierarchies
who will eat and who will feed
there are always those more equal
among free people
as if the constitutions written in blood
and love were jokes that laughed back
raised and impaled on the stakes
driven through the hearts of the masses
now they got they asses in a financial bind
with their trickling channels and small
individual incomes the majority
of shareholders never even see the effects
as the very few whose point of view
has more pull at the uppermost
echelons it’s also most distant from the
equatorial band of human compassion
forgetting that sentient means caring
about everything else that lives
I’m learning how to make ends meet
drawing up all the patience
I can muster with what seems senseless
it’s learning to hold when I want to rear
back and thrash with what I wish
I could escape instead of run and trot back
to this point of present my home
it’s not like there is really anywhere else
to go but here might as well face it
my wild horse will that can’t be owned
only shown and dragged led to water
I’m so thirsty and habituated to turn away
but I’ve been fortunate to have been broken
by the force of life’s conditions
that crushed my pride and chopped
my horns now I’m freshly cut of
layers of built-up debris
the incomplete perspectives
of youth’s ignorance
now to return upon on what’s subsides
it’s no tragedy beauty’s lost
its nature is by construct ephemeral
and not meant to last by design
what makes it so intense is
the brilliant fire of its desire
that it inspires universally
to what wants
the loss is not enjoying love
while it’s present even if in a shape
you didn’t invent and with a heart
you don’t all know
remember now and again
that if you let it
all its own way I stay open
to you because you are fluid
like me you breathe with want
and prick with need and dream
of all those things you haven’t
yet seen
but the resistance is only
staving off for just a tiny bit of now
what you could learn to sink in
and relax, let the present be the guide
I wish I could confide my deepest
aspirations into the ears of those
who could make a difference if only
they would listen
so I teach myself to be them
and I learn to listen to the draining
gurgling sounds of the many
who are dying and succumbing
to the devastating changes in
this country’s economy
like the cultural state of the next
generation to be a McDonald’s
worker nation it frightens the world
that the biggest gun toting maniacs
of the globe are running mercenary wars
like cops and robbers these secret operatives
starting fires lighting conflicts
to keep the machine going
it’s out of control guzzling
what inexistent money
can still be siphoned
into the bedrooms
of those who don’t give a damn
do me queens of corporate greed
I’m so sick of myself and even more done
with looking away
armored with insight and opening
wider and softer with each bit that takes
get ready because
I’m coming.