I’ll run for president
I didn’t think I’d care enough
and that I’d just get assassinated
because the truth is I
would not be able to appeal
to the masses who want to be told
it will be alright
we ARE the masses holmes
it will be alright ’cause
you can’t avoid death forever
so what’s the point being scared
there is no escape so no issue
we can stop getting screwed by the few
who knew this would make it all
fall apart
first we have to see what the problem
reflection takes time
that’s the first problem
get rid of fairytale religions
dictating morality
stick to the facts
and find joy in reality
not fantasy
second make an opening for
negotiation, how about just stillness
long enough to not surrender
encourage kindness
if you never give up on yourself
you cannot lose a war that doesn’t
third i’m the new black
barely poor immigrant
I would not be accepted
even if educated
at least african americans
like obama were next
they have
been here the longest
slavery to freedom
my hero Martin Luther King Jr
I always felt like the newcomer
to America that they who fought
for their right to happiness
have the most
right to benefit directly
of their country’s government
those who came here first
were exterminated one by one
brown is bad for politics
look at the rothschilds and the bushes
Fourth: I would cut defense, military budget
give back unions, build back a middle class
social security and universal healthcare
remember the well-being of the masses
is the prosperity of a nation
you can’t thrive while choking
reminding that we are only ever as strong
as the weakest is nurtured
I share the facts.
not the slants.
The facts.
Because I hope
they will incite that care in others
to not let this just happen,
and own the world they live in
be responsible for it
not just feel entitled to its goods
remembering that what is
in the present is built upon
what came before it
that’s MY political
Shit I should run for president