lulls like the familiar

it’s the habitual that

drags you back into

getting sucked into

the  swirling waters

the worthy opponent

there at the bottom

calls like a lover

with death in one hand

and change in the other

even though you have

renewed intention

clear motivation

the weight of old patterns

is like gravity

not a force you can control

just the easy folds

of seductive comfort

falling is simply a choice away

from doing something different

neurological pathways

can be altered

with new action

but the call of the usual

is stronger than the sharp

inspiration for

relating directly

when tired and I want to reject

drop the critical storyline

of what’s happening

face no escape by welcoming

what you can’t avoid


staying present with fear

smiling to embrace

his ogre face

see him creeping reaping

your fear sown with fronts

the selfless ungraspable

softness that comes with

being brave

yellow and black striped tape

she is like the scene of a crime

with the whole catastrophe of being

robbed of the cradle

and the grave

a convergence of natural and manmade

disasters because you looked away

ashes to ashes dust to dust

one by one they all fall

the reasons

the jokes

the rationalizations that let you

go for broke

as they choked the scary out

and so the air too

adventure is the lust for life

humpty dumpty ain’t getting back

his pride cracked like an egg

fried on the wall, forget the king

his men stole the horses and made off

with our stocks and bonds

it’s hard not to want to struggle

after a while

I accustomed to it

and the draw of the song

came back to haunt

the determination of my green

shoots of tender intention

don’t look in its eyes

and if you do drink deeply of its cup

let it draw the blood of compassion

from your wound

the call subsides when you

see the nature of reality

let it jostle you into understanding

and let the burn

open you gently

death is only a changing