sky dancer because I see
an open doorway left concealed
the darkened hallway in a dream
we’re Caught in between the breaking
of an opalescent spilling dawn

revealing threes

unveiling the buried steps
your mystery calls to me
I can’t see beyond the muse’s song

I am still here

I tread the lines of discontent
In the sub-cultures and pockets
So many varied facets and aspects
Neglect or inspect, what to circumvent?
I cultivate my self-respect

I’m imprisoned
In the transmission
Of my mission

On my own
Again so far away
From what I know
Ignorance the way
I play a deep game
I can never win
No true kings around
Or triumphant crowns
My placement obscure
I’m just moved along
With all the other pawns
Believe the hard truths
Within the answers
Like broken victors
On failed absolutes
My short-lived words
Nothing more than
Momentary swords
Conquering riposte
On sliding certain
In relative proof

Hoping a remote possibility
That I could change the world inside
A motion that could shift the world outside
But time’s continuity is decay
Birth to life to age to death the process
All crumbled to dust in spite of choices
Cycles begin anew once completed
When nothing is left and all is eradicated

Breaking the barriers of set expectations
Focus everything I’ve got in one manifestation
Railing my message against every form of stagnation
To preserve my self-love in the face of resignation

Turned to vision
The transmission
Of my mission

I am still here walking the fringe
balancing on the edge of your fear

breathe it out and dance with me