I poeted unselfconsciously

till you said something thanks

now I’m staring and wondering

just how much blundering

my form if I have one


perhaps it’s incorrect

maybe even sucks

perhaps I’m not the poet

I really wanted

to believe I could be

all I know is that grief

is a tango

and there’s no real way

to stumble

without grace

in the face of


when the door opens

and you are the light

the critics can sit

and posit

maybe I don’t know

but I’m honest

it’s my way to ask

I’ve got no shame

it’s for the meek

I have all the strength

I need and I am on it

take your sweet doubting

off my stage and let this

lady diva hustla for change

get her mercy going

in her own way

for those of you that say

it can’t be done

you should not step in the path

of those getting it done

step up and learn

life’s ultimate challenge

go ahead

I dare you

what’s the worst that could happen?