Poetry is my impure expression

a revitalizing respiration

in between what’s sticky

and what clogs my intention

clearing the obstructions

without too much pressure

music’s high expectations

prose too narrow a form

for all the unexpected tensions

I had to take the messy

and water to wine

in the fine line


I come back to life

like chariclo’s song

whose semblance

was chiron’s

wounded ambition

I am your guiding star

when the heart’s gone cold

it’s like stillborn desire impotent

i had to leave it to kickstart

how I wanted to change

the world

so I looked inside

where control

is the wielding of words

into landscapes

of understanding dawning

comprehension is like fire

to the brain and these are the igniting

sparks of insights awakening

you just wait I’ll catch on fire

and burn brilliantly

the mundane into

divine awareness