moan and groan this weight of youth lost

did you think those boobs that you cut

really could last that long

at least I made myself an amazon

flawed and tall I stand natural

like the mountains peaks perfected

I’m treated like I’m less than intelligent

I wish I’d been capable of being a bimbo

if I had balls, I’d get cred just because

instead I tread twice as fast on the ball to stay ahead of the curl

the crash of age is inevitable

like the old power that holds the tip of the blade

I am a dancer between the players in the game

they all take what they want then

glorify and bloat another institution of image

themselves, please

I don’t need your rebellious violence

supagansta overgrown

even the idiots dummied down

politicians of the petty

crooks usurping

you wanna make a difference grow up

you wanna be proud give love

for crying out loud

stop flashing your bling and your chain

get a grip, this world is dying today

use your sway with the masses to say

something important or at least

a message that is relevant

to the kids that will one day

kick you to the curb

old dog, the age of Snoop is gone

all your game and your play is nothing

when you naked on the door of

your last breath and you be pissin

cuz you never invested

beyond a bad attitude a me-point of view

I’m so sick of these wastes of space

taking away all the talent by

clouding the judgment of what’s in

good taste

saying nothing but the latest marketing

I’m told it’s great and it’s good

all I hear is the same ole beats recycled

what the hell do I know

I’m always the wrong everything

measuring value

with what has no measure

is like taking out what nature made

change for those leaky tits that cost more

than what you could pay for

and for what a few seconds

with your gun slung

high with your run

you reached for the bright

brilliant sun

but time is like a sniper’s finger

paused on a trigger of karma

holding back the fire

of what you got coming

till you can’t get away

and there in the open

the knife of impermanence

takes away everything

but what can you give

once what was is no longer

who are you then when it’s dissolved

you’ve robbed the cradles of future generations

with a present murderous indifference

how can you say you care

when corporate dynamics have transpired

the very fabric of human interactions

our love is transactions of cost

effective capitalizations is just another

way to avoid what devastations are

carried for the sake of the top stakeholders

I’m sick of this pollution that has infected

every part of our view

I need purity

clean air

without fear

without hate

one moment

of stillness

just drops

of you and me

breathe in

breathe out

baby, why can’t you just be

good to me

I don’t know what to say

I am torn in schizophrenic multiple directions

the kind of pain on my consciousness

is like torture in witnessing the daily eugenics

of who gets to speak and who will serve

discrimination of women and men is a poison

that slowly rolls in like fog

and rots away at the infrastructural level

of the human heart

its toll is the indifference

of the imperfect constantly hooked wounded

on the notion that they’re not good enough

we’ve built a nation of needy consumers

desperate to be accepted

insecure with everything

down to their innermost


and I’m sick filled with bitter bile of lies

propagated propaganda in capitalist farce

democracy was lost when you pissed in the well

and turned slave anyone beneath

the profit-sharing mandate of the 21st century

you think I can’t see through but I can

dehumanize and throw away the sacrifice

of your mothers and your fathers

to give you a better life

I am the blackened flow of what I can’t eliminate

polluted intoxicated with nitrates and GMOs

bone meal and silicates populate nearly 30%

of the food ingested fillers

destroying children for profit

has a chilling effect

is that ipod really worth it

I’m the voice of anger in the name of those

who stand on the killing fields

don’t even know there is anything


beyond blind slavery