you raped your mother
when you chose to close
your eyes on the few who
took hold of life’s control
these waters can’t take it
the balance on a thread
but you cut ahead of the line
to get the bang for your buck
and now the banks have fucked
every inch of this earth
with what they took
life is choking out without mercy
ticking a time bomb of guilt
you’ll only know what you got
after it was gone if you want control
heal the earth and make man work
give purpose to the slaves of ignorance
so that they as well may awaken
i’m a mess like the people that che fought for
running and trying to keep as far behind
the consequences of this devastation
for my family and those I love
but I am choking on this heartbreak
I’ve made a vow to become ruthless
while never losing compassion
like a blade I hone my edge
and cut through the bullshit red tape
of reasons why we can’t make a difference
this isn’t a matter of choice
this is my child not knowing what a fish is
my beloved waves being toxic garbage rolling
onto the shores of a dying race
we’re frying alive and worry about ipads and ipods
I’m choking alive on this heartbreak
that is my only political view
when you turned away and ignored the massacre
sacrificing the many for the few
you might as well have raped your mother