I want to trace the mileage on your face
when I gaze into its chiaroscuro bas-relief
you and me old fools in love and stupid
with years of enjoyed life beneath our feet
the sands pull out from under
but you and I hold hands forever
the wave comes in and takes away
another day I give thanks to my fate
and also accept the little break
of one more moment gone
you and me we’re our own song
rose in my teeth
you trace the line of my beautiful curve
sensual is the way my mind moves
the spirit breathes through a goddess
balled up orgasm
touch a sphere of light
and draw out your lifeseed
this is how we stir
blood and breath into life
with wild joy a sexy cocktail
this elixir desire inspires
these tenuous tendrils of time
our child this dance
of passionate romance
the end comes too fast
but here I am stretching my legs
around your head
and sucking you in
desperately present