you breathe and you feel
because you are
questions of heaven above
or hell below
make no difference
to the uncertainty of this
you just are
where you are
whether right or wrong
weak or strong
or with a heart of stone
facebook this
what you have
is not who you are
what you think
is not who you are
who you are
isn’t ultimately defined
by intention, choice or deed

karma is unerring
only this now is yours
this very second
to be kind and give
the benefit of doubt
that how you know things
isn’t how they are
and yet the only way
you’ve known them
your blood is touched
with the thirst
for adventure
stay penned in
come back do it all again
time is short
the other shore
the voyage perilous
every drop of kindness
fill up the heart drive
and let love
be illusion’s surrender