dakini, i

divining the flawed

the wounded

gather around

love’s pain

paid in blood

diamond edge

slicing away

the roughness

truth is a hearth

where tears dry

want not, need not

this is freedom

from loss

listen to this permeating


that asks open space

the big question

what form do you

most desire

is the shape you’ll be

cultivating disenchantment

is a kind of death





rebirth of new intent

crystallized from the old

which is now in between

where it’s always been

only i

could not touch the sky

till I kissed the sun

let go and burned

to keep only the best

of the past moment

as a guide

no more

grasp tightly

let go lightly

breathing this silence


see buddhas in the mire

loves and unrests

fighting in the hearts

of each small


there’s a fire

that when it consumes

only a diamond

can come from

the agony of coal’s death

stripped and compressed

against impermanence

death is the doorstep

of desire

I want to die content

with a clear smile

adorning my eyes

as I slip

like a print in the sand

under the wave of change

dakini, i

offer you

the vast potential

complete and essential

of the human heart

a chord in the universe

vibration of life

to love is to die

a thousand ways

and stay kind

all the same