I met a siren
a voice of weeping
sorrow who changed into a girl
when she escaped the vast open
rafted her hungry hope
for love
to find the magic cure to ease
the aching conditions
of being alive, losing and fearing
she expected for no reason
beyond what she was told
that love appears
and she must hold it
a perfection
keeps her over-reaching
out of the present
chasing a carrot
keeping her will pressed against
the limits of giving
and avoiding being
right here in the terrible choice
to grow
she keeps missing
the mark of time
she moves outside
this very second
one day she woke up
to realize
her life had been a dream
she’d spent so long looking behind
she was nowhere
but here
yet hoping to be over there
had just been just as real
now it was just some thing
she’d made up as a kid
without realizing that magic is simply
the ability to let go
relax and harness
truth distilled
from years of choice
two legs spread
a split that fills
slit desire
to yield torn joys
a wound that won’t close
the feelings bleed
the compressing force
of necessity
gives Self-created
mental sores
the pain inflicted
blurs her vision
she can’t see
past the need
the solution
lies deep
in the heart
of the slow burn
she sings
of the feminine
like a painful burden
her joy never surpassed
the infinite depths of
her heartbreak