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how low we fell
to condemn ourselves
in laws made a god
speaking through
flesh and blood
man carried out
his fate
the poor are trapped
in the hell of suffering
that comes from seeing
your world slip away from you
one loss at a time
the grief that has no name
your innocence
is a child
burned in fire
and not the holy kind
the righteous are the liars
a constructed dream
like a pogrom
oppressing the sinners
with fear instead of helping
what’s in between
is the blossoming
of understanding
a nude van gogh
of burning with longing
in the night sky
parting  dusk
the diamond is
only as clear
as what was lost
purged through fire
compressed life
its preciousness
is the clarity
that remains
from stripping away
all that didn’t matter
in the end
that just continued