i didn’t used to know
if i really liked this dharma wheel
it was a cross between love
and discomfort
here’s how it went
I found a small change
that moved my heart
I clung to the part
that tasted
but then human nature
played its usual game
in the forms
of my own loves and hates

I rejected the turning
just a little bit
i’ll confess
i didn’t like
how it tore up
the deepest
cut in two
between people
and my ideals
of life

I love humanity
I am human
at times I hate
and must meet the taste
with curious
don’t hold on
but grasp tightly
then let it pass
don’t try to make it last
let go lightly

this is the recipie to joy
dharma in a shape
I can make with my hands
play-doh for a child spirit
gasping at the wonders
of illusion
but not enough
to completely see
through my confusion

it’s the inbetween this dharma wheel
i didn’t know that i could ever love
but it’s the turning that breaks
the ties that bind
our hearts and minds
to the shell
of our suffering.

It is this dharma wheel
I wasn’t sure I could really love
I found a home
that never sets foot
it is this dharma wheel
that turns
from bones to stones
to thoughts and space
it’s the emptiness
that always feels so uncertain
that is the very truth
that lets me breathe

in here
in the death in between
the two lives
of past and future
i am present
i realize

it’s this dharma wheel
I truly love
the discipline
is freedom