Even though we will part
we will never be that far
in one way or another
ghaley shu
we’ll meet again
in the smile of a lover
of the warmth of a friend
don’t ever worry
goodbye is hello
just as the end
is never really ending

it is with the gratitude
of a thirsty mouth
touching water
it is with the humility of
a heavy suffering
that i bow
to the vast infinity
of the human heart
and how much you
have given
that I could not repay
but with paying it forward
and returning to the true mind
and the generosity
of a natural state

May you have joy

for the days that remain

before you.

Until the dancing light that keeps us alive

a flicker of life in an out

until this expires

from bright desire to fading embers

until want has no more need

and the desire to become

grows down into being

it is my belief

we’ll meet again and again

in the form of experiences

precious and fleeting

and numbered for every kind

each breath a tick

off our life.

Even tiny droplets of water
add up to the deepest oceans
All kindness matters.