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I gasp every time I press against
the constant chill
of desire that runs through me
with your face and your name
I have this connection
throat to gut always hoping
this time it will end
with us tying up in a knot
of love-steamed sighing joy
the want I have
leaves me dissatisfied
because I am always wanting
with no end in sight
you stir me up and I’m told
this kind of excitement is not
good for the soul
I don’t know
to be honest
it just sucks
and I wish I could control
how much I want to pin you down
and devour your sweetness
drink from your sacred well
our fingers drawing hearts
on a fogged glass
wanting to be there
hands all over skin
laughter edged sharing
is the death of innocence
putting the face of my need
to a grindstone of reality
my pounding throbbing
alone heartbeat
if it beat any harder
it would fall out my chest
and there is no way
I would want to set down
what tastes like sugar
under my fingertips
if they could taste sweetness
the candy would be your skin
slick and delicious
after you’ve been in me
the want I have
is a thirst
pouring my passion
into your mouth
and holding you still
while you breathe in between
being one as two
your joy
is my passion
this want I have
is my suffering
a private place
so pure
it keeps me tender
but now I wonder
if it would be simpler
to just not hold on
to the wanting