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the misery of me
is you
my view
cut in two
a rope to climb
the ways to cope
escape or stay
run away or face the pain
cut in two
my heart is a soft
burdened muscle
if only I could open my chest
and put it on display
i’d show you how
love emerges from the darkest night
a hope lost is a truth found
there’s enough to go around
mind is my stumbling block
when it comes to a cause
that’s already lost
fight the obvious
nothing is as it seems
make my deathbed
out of the comfort of half-truths
it takes courage to go beyond the range
of what you know
the chains of sight
ineffably now it’s gone
the moment slips by
and my heart is a broken cry
in a fountain of blood
i died a thousand times
wishing you could see
these painted cakes
for what they mean
these words you speak
are like a dream
and my eyes are the screen
the great projectors of you in me
when the Protectors turn to harm
on those who believed
it’s called tragedy
and everyone self-righteously screams
how could this be?
but all that’s left is the collective suffering
does it matter
what it’s called
whitewashed and made presentable
for your finicky predilections
it’s not like what’s passed
wasn’t there for you
it’s not like you kept what you wanted to keep
from this scene and what you hoped would last
crumbles away
it’s not like
it stays around
it left like the good ole days
reminiscent of simpler times
the mirage of hindsight
another bullshit lie
another trick of light
the past is like the scene of a crime
your passion is a fingerprint
on every clue
in every truth
the moment’s passed
another second died
reborn into my fingers
desperately trying to hold
onto what I can’t let go
change is never without pain
the bud has to break
only split and torn
can it make its way
into the prettiest flower
but buckling under the weight
and cowering from the ache
that comes with the inevitability
of change
hiding from pain only restarts the cycle
and that which doesn’t arise
cannot be met
and that which cannot be met
cannot be finished
and that which cannot be finished lays dormant
like a worm in your belly
waiting to be fed
is this what you intend?