silence has a rhythm. Like conversations.
learning the timing of truth
is a complex journey
a voyage through empty space

filled with people and places
different names and faces
have beginnings and endings
and everyone is looking for something
but what do you give the one
who has nothing
there is nothing enough that you could give
to complete the perfection
of empty space
that which you cannot create
that which you cannot destroy
is by definition endless
and i’m on my little raft
at sea
between storms of arising
weathering foul karmic weather
and diving for treasure
pearls and gems
offered by the deep
still inner water
a buddhanature
ineffable awareness
what’s awake when my eyes close
obscurations my formations
my perception mine-field
ready to explode
under the step
of an innocent passersby
someone just like me
a blind spot of mind
the little king
takes up so much space
if only I could master the grace
that comes from simple perfection
of what’s deathless
that which knows
thought and feeling
is not the whole of your mind
that which cannot arise
is that which cannot die
that which cannot be destroyed
brings only joy
beyond the divide
mind is an open sky
when heart is open wide