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i cant hang on to a song
i cling to so tightly
i forget the words then i start
to forget the melody
my fingers have to trace the same paths
as those who passed before me
another big cycle
in training desire
to rise through truth’s surface
evaporating in the fire
of human tragedy
nothing lasts forever
not even suffering
i woke up in a good mood
and his anger infected my mouth
unpleasantly sharp this realization
of discomfort in leaning against
ignorance in the mirror
you hold up to my shores
of wisdom piercing dream
a mirage reflection a trick of the light
alone in it together
i breathe out your tension
into the cool wind that dissipates
the rank odors of self
all stress is inefficient
but it’s bright and loud and like a carnival
drags everyone to act drunk
with emotions spilling uncontrolled
and my heart is a wound
that bleeds love
and my eyes are flames
that burn life
from a natural state free of isms
my sight skewed and hot
evaporates truth into steam
so I cannot grab and pour it like I could before
stilling intense feelings
i let go lightly
distilling pure water
pour it into a cup
and offer it up
becoming the bodhisattva