silence is space

too rich to taste all at once

too deep to touch with one reach

too far to reach with one touch

bittersweet and sharply full

a thin peel over a bubble self

fragile as a bursting grape

slippery and gritty like glistening skin

dripping wet fat droplets of delicious wishes

insight swells my  perception

i look to the horizon and take safe direction

to cross the ocean of suffering

the sails of my boat drift away into the distance

ports of consciousness dock my tiny ship

i step on the shore of awareness

and go for a walk and arouse my mind

my experience of my self is the fullness of space

an open existence that’s awake

swells of insights in the waves of perception

lips pregnant with kisses unborn

delivering happiness like a sunrise of fire

born out of the darkest coldest night

i look to the horizon

and take safe direction

to reach the other shore

and cross into awareness

in the quiet i sit