tonight I shared the sunset with you
the sun lit up the sky
then intimately died
slipped down and fell
behind the horizon
and the quiet is what I remember
the most and thinking to myself
we’ve known this perfection together
we’ve known this life
and its rich bittersweet taste
that we continue to crave
and all of our love and  hate
poured into our insight
as we strip bare
the plains of the mirror’s edge
and it’s not right
that you must be blind
and not see the fire
you ignite
and it’s the longing I can’t deny
an intimate warrior
of ethic and delight
unearthing the truths
to define wrongs and rights
opening sublime
and in this way
we were never apart
in every breath
I die another death
with no escape
dimming the days
under the rays
of a dying sun