a strong sense of purpose

vague and full of words I’ve drifted aimless through a waking dream I don’t believe I’m really here

building castles with someone else’s hands
I woke up somewhere in the middle
to realize I wasn’t any hero
just another piece
born of the grand puzzle
misplaced from perfection
put on the board to find a fit
was it my calling to be consumed
only to find it was you
who held my ashes inside your shell
It wasn’t my place to brace against
The judging eyes of my conscience
That tapped its will like a trial sentence
Guilty as charged
for not loving
my ambitions stripped naked
by the grind of my expectation
a tolling bell called out the end
It isn’t my place to be who I thought I’d be
i walk the lines of heart’s presumption
That what I feel is what is real
when I held my disgrace
like a medal of honor
Born without a home
and a name so vague
I could barely remember
the way
will anyone speak in remembrance of me
if they do will it be fair
i edit the contents of my closing book
look back on what’s past
who will speak for me
and recount the breaths of my life
and weigh the net of my deeds