I had a lot of words

but they disappeared

like waves they died on the shore

when I touched the core

the emptiness is form

truth lies

beneath the words

there is no place for it to go

its silence like sand

fall through my hands

i write a weak refrain

when my heart breaks

the cracks are vulgar

with what I cannot yet know

what I cannot say

I cannot say what I know

I am doing some hard time

In a cell of silence

You could kiss me

Between the bars

but the rest is complex

and I need time to reset

to get up again

it gets harder and harder

to box in the ring

the fighter goes down

round after round

why keep getting up

I know no other way.

i am my father
i am my mother.

I just know how to fight my way

with the will of a dying hand

grit my teeth and bleed

romantically suffering

step into the ring

fist to cheek

puke and blood

you’re home.

embrace reality.
you are alone.