in veritas I unfold no one to be found

in caritas I unveil no one to protect

in æquitas silence and tender

are forced together

scabs of hurts over my eyes

beneath the clasp of your breath

a cutting blade of kindness

tears me apart

dissolving lies on my sight

lens of distortions

strip me bare to the skin

sitting in the beating heartsong


strong medicine of the charnel grounds

wretching poisons undigested

from pointing fingers driving all two-sided blames

of man and vulture tangled

funnel into one


smothered desire

tempered in fire

I was disappointed

I was expecting more

of a blossom

from words unfolding

a stronger medicine to get right

a lower resonance to get whole

arising truth in compassion

a friction of skin

found only in the dark

between a gasp and a cry

hands grasp and claw

suck in air blindly

softly spread me within

dreams of ecstasy


spit the sour taste of shame

ragged and drenched

in intimate stench

I surrender my name

to the pain that claims me

yielding into me like a lover


the deepest


the northern star

of awareness

diamond bright

to the other shore