The heroes have blown their horns
the wise have sung their songs
what’s left for the children
of the brave and the free
what we thought would never end slipped away
in the stream of time we dream ourselves into being
we dream from our graves that this life is real
The stranger behind my eyes
wears your face with my name
the stranger behind my face
is the one who decides
what’s wrong and what’s right
and underneath the skin is a feeling
that you lost something deep
or maybe it’s still there under the veil
hiding in plain sight
a truth so pure it’s like light
words of joy are a sacred lovesong
illuminating what’s taken place inside
but what happens inside
happens in the dark
you know you’ve paid a steep price
to make it past the pain
to keep yourself alive
to keep yourself safe
cocooned in a lie
I see you in me
into me see
you see into me
We collect death
In the breath of moments gone

intimacy passing by
right this second
memory forming and resting
We live and die intimately
on the sharp edge of change
what’s left is now