Everyone wants to feel loved

Everybody’s suffering

We drive away the fear

With all the pretty shiny things

You get nothing for free

What is the price for me

Searching for a fantasy

Run away from pain

How much can I get away with

But there is no escape

Some cry some lie

Some steal some die

Different reasons different names

Pain is pain all the same

Reality’s a tricky game

Between what’s real and what’s imagined

Perceived and conceived

The myth of freedom

Turns the masses

Jumbled and grotesque

Consumer children

Degenerating deeper into the mud

Pound for pound suffering

Dreams of grandeur

Dreamt by the poor

Growing down into the mire

A crowd of hungry ghosts

Sinking into the thick

complicated compounding 

Where beauty’s too lovely to look away

Power’s too sharp to touch

Pride’s too  hard to give up

Love is too soft to let go

Desire’s too strong to control

And the truth’s burning oil

tempts me sloshing around this hot bowl

And I the dog lick my lips tastelessly

I can’t feel what I touch

I eat and drink but it’s never enough

I lure you into my hole

I feed on the pleasure of your senses

I hold your tongue in my mouth

Taste your life vicariously

Fill the cracks in my mind

This isn’t life this is hell

Empty and hungry and always yearning

I crave sight so I eat your eyes and hope for light

It’s all around me I’ve seen it little painted cakes

When I focus what mind I have

I can almost feel it

Just enough is never enough

I only see what dies on the threshold in the dark