i loved you
after you’d wilted
from the price you paid
when you emptied yourself
to make it
without the pain
now you smile
where you would cry
a simple grace
a kind eye
took its place

i see you in my face
because you survived
you’ve come back to life
because you’re ok
the worst did happen
and you were ok
with what’s lost
and what’s dead
you dreamt
you were broken
till you woke alone
from a deep sleep
a stranger
who’d lived behind your eyes
inside a lie
like a ghost who’d lived your life
and then who’d died
on the darkest night
of the longest road
hung onto a rope
strung around your mind
the betrayal of hope
carried inside
my martyr’s cross
a lifeline of questioning
you named my sorrows

words are the rays
that pierce the veil
connecting in the fray
strip me to the heart of the matter
and i understand
awakening is sublime
what i see
is what i believe
you in me
with nothing more to do
than be
just be united

i see you in me
after the end
i am naked and sated
formed and empty
naked and sated
after the end
full of you
after the end
full of me
full of you
full of me