Live beneath your mother’s pain

Hide behind your father’s rage

Release the pressure of amniotic love

Pass through the birth canal of change

I hope the other side is okay

Shiver from the shock of cold separation

Cry in fear in the face of unknown

Seek a touch that will take me home

Mother, did I get too close to the fire

Am I burned forever?

Staying the same hurt more than change

Father your world is a nest of thorns

My impetus to fly is forced

I hope the other side is okay
I seek a sense of unity

Quaternity one through the fourth

I forgot to unlearn what I’ve learned

To know what I knew
Everything that happens inside

Happens in the dark

To embody the sublime reach for the light

You must be broken to start the spark

Eternity is in love with forms of time

And you must separate as individual

Eternity dismembered into moments

To be open to the transcendent