The darkness of your lifetime drifts in
You wake up make ends meet while you sink
No time to grieve no time to think

Repeating the same things in a different name

Animal on a track or in a cage

Justify or deny the scraps you’re thrown
My American dream life in the twilight zone
Paper of plastic, cash or credit

Have a good day

I don’t even know your name

Blank-faced and anonymous
Are you ok?

This is home

In the twilight zone
You married the pain and prayed for rain

Corporate ladders Jacob’s ladders it’s all the same game

Prozac alcohol and cocaine

Guns germs and steel manifest in a shark frenzy at a shopping mall

In search of the best deal to fit the scene 

It’s Christmas everyday of the year here

Advertising fear you watch yourself disappear

Clothed in the hottest fashions

You burn yourself to ashes

Now you’re with the program

Or are you another victim
In a neo-fascist pogrom
This is home

In the twilight zone