Don’t cry for me for my scars

They already did me in

I’m all that’s left of the war

I wear the battles on my skin

I try to strip the armor

That boxed me in
I sheathe myself in your skin

But please don’t touch my core

I don’t want it touched much more

It brings back everything

It brings back everyone that I’ve lost
Before I got to love them they were gone 

They didn’t come out the other end

Torn in the emptiness that broke them 

Before long I awoke they were poisoned and I was alone
I hid it all inside me but I was here

Pushed away the kindness 

Because my desire is my agony

And I’m on the run from misery

Still I don’t understand happiness

Without longing for something else
So just slip inside me till I forget I can breathe

The only peace I know is silence

The only love I’ve learned is violent

Enter me slow don’t let me choke on the sorrow
I never meant much in the grand scheme of things

At the epicenter past the fear
I was here

Naked and vulnerable
I was here