You will fall in love

With someone who’s not me

You will let it go

When you let it flow
It will happen on its own

You’ll look back to where you’ve been

When you gaze into her eyes

You won’t see me

It will be liberating

To throw your arms around her

And it will be elating

To be the center

Of your tremendous world

Remember what held you

I hope you don’t let go

Of the past that shaped you

But let go of the rest
And stay true to the progress

And let yourself be the proof

You survived the life test

Don’t waste your time wondering

What could have would have been

I knew all along the way we would unfold

I don’t pretend I didn’t know

I wasn’t the one you’d hold

You through the desolate road

You walk alone

I know it’s a lonely path

And they say good things come to those who wait

And I’d hate to say it was a line without any truth

I’d add that you have to let it come

And you have to want good things to find you

Let yourself breathe and be beautiful

Let yourself breathe and feel full

Let yourself dive into it all

And enjoy the fall

Flying is just missing the ground

And I promise you I never was the best

Of what’s around you’ll see it when you miss the ground