Walk in silence don’t walk away in silence …

One day you’ll wake up and I won’t be here anymore
The sun will shine bright and I’ll be far off
My violin that played your song played it’s last note the night before
The door closed then faded into the past
You’ll wonder how it all happened so fast
But it was years it was in front of your eyes
And I will stare back at you from the abyss
I will stare you square in the heart
From the depth of my silence you will listen to my absence
There will be no escape, my love
You won’t have me to blame
You won’t have that shield to hide behind
And everything you were afraid of will stare you back

And I will miss you and I will miss the forgiving and the breaking
But I’ll be gone and none of it will matter
When I release all the pain that held me together
And separate I saw it today
This is the beginning fermenting in the grave
The freedom to the slave
It will all fade
And there will be no more

You’re wasting all this time
Always stepping out of line
Life is too short
And one day you’ll wake up
And I will be no more
But I bet you don’t think about that
When you’re screaming in my face
When you’re calling me names
Yeah, I bet you don’t think about that
You ungrateful fuck
I bet you never think about that
And I could go on and on but why
It’s just another waste of time
Walk the line baby
Walk the line