Lovers are strangers speaking the same words
In separate languages between the wounds
Circling around the deep end of the pool
Lost in translation from me to you
Expecting each other to be bullet proof
Boxing out the rounds in the bedroom
There is no way out but through

I won’t let you go till we meld
Let’s kill each other till we’re dead
I don’t want to lose
Who you are in my head
Split converge I’m spent
I just want to be who I am
Look ahead and there’s a blank
Look back and get lost
How did it all start
How did it go this far
Is this as good as it gets
Where do you begin where do I end

What it is I thought you meant
I thought you were someone different
You thought I was someone else
Someone more like yourself

You ask me why I can’t breathe
With your grip choking me
At cross purposes with who’s right
Touch the seeing glass to ask
Who will bend the mask into will
Who will bend the will into mask
Circle around and around
Our values argue squared like planets
Orbiting eye to eye but not meeting
Cross the lines of my feelings
Circle around and around
Pointed in the right direction

A mental distortion
An emotional contortion
Subjective eyes chew up scripted
Jagged reels of mutual intentions
Tainted by our points of view
And vested self-interests
Together objective truth comes to an end
Where do you end where do I begin