I look for you under the rubble

A stranger’s edge had stolen us

We hung there wrecked in silence

In the haze of others who couldn’t separate

Themselves from their nightmares

And their disasters became your face

Your madness became my mouth

I clung so tightly to the rage

So I wouldn’t lose my place

Our sorrow engulfed me

So I wouldn’t stray to somewhere happy

Where I would forget my pain

Where I would lose my name

My love and hatred became my family

When there was no one to hold my hand

When I lurched onto a stranger’s edge

A piece of a picture kept inside

In the despair that drove me to life

Something precious, I’m still alive

In the heart of my jagged insides

I’m still alive I’m still alive I’m still alive

What hasn’t destroyed me has made me stranger

But stranger is alright when you’re nameless
When your indifferent to the price

I killed the man on the sand with my hands

I did not deny the fault and shrugged my way into hell

I sat in a cell as No One without a gun

Waiting for a sign of freedom

Waiting for the change to come
Waiting to hear the bell
Beyond the stranger’s edge

I look for us in a burst bubble of children’s dreams
And I see it’s gone like a sun that’s crossed the sky
But our sun will never rise again in this life
Where are my fists to pommel the truth into the light?
Where are the wise men who were supposed to guide?
Will I hang here on the stranger’s edge
Staring out into the abyss
Surrounded by lies and drowning
Too much in such a short time
Makes me want to take it all in a palm of disguise
And disappear into the night with the insight

But I’m creeping up the side
Hanging onto a stranger’s edge