She slid to the bottom
Where the wind doesn’t blow
She got stuck like a fly in amber
By a pre-historic freeze
Of her own childhood life where
Silence stares her in the eye
“You have no where to go”
The inner hunger kept feeding
Loneliness like a demon
While around her the world came and went

She slides on the sharp rocks of her tiny toy mind
She’s cut and she thrashes frantic without a way out
Pain held in her hands, or were her hands held by pain
Nailed to a cross of broken lines she strains
Against the relentless contradictions
To make out the nature or the truth in
Things you almost said but never quite lied
Other things you did she would have rather left behind
And the ones she picked to fight left her empty inside

She is haunted by the ledge of her gaping desire
To pick up in flight and burn in the sky’s fire
Past the abyss of darkness that pushes right at her
To let go of the notions of unthinkable poisons
Shot deep in her veins to make her feel worthless
Apathy is a drug that keeps her heart beating
So she can’t burn in the fire of something flawless
But at least, she’s told, she’ll stay alive
Every step taken forward is another test of her progress
The one proposed to pull her through a sacred communion
A recipe for joy that always sounds risky
And she wonders where being whole took a part in the plot
There’s no place to feel safe but the heart of the storm
So she screams at the world with the whole of her might
But then it backlashes and confusion takes hold
While silently the knife of her anger curls back on her own
She is at the center of a tiny snowglobe
Your words swirling past her lost and cold
She eyes the storm rising within and prays for a union
To save her from the maelstrom of outside intrusions
And the martyrdom that comes from suffering another

She pleads and she begs
But it’s all in her head
The wires to her words
Got cut in the storm
Her lifeline cast adrift
When the waves came down crashing
Bashing her little heart and sinking her
Beneath the dread that washed her skin
She turns her back on attributed meaning
She has a taste for believing
But finds it a drug too addictive to be trusted