Slip it in a little deeper till your head wants to sway
Take it all
Open up a little wider till your hands want to shake
And grip a little harder
Just move in and out a bit more subtle
The thrust of lies swallowed
Throw away the extra pieces
Tighten up and breathe again
Fingers touch the heart of anger
Answering my despotic rage
Violent spasms stroke my head
Break the seal and wake the dead
Shudder down the spinal column
Ride the resistance and pry the eye
Three and seven overturned
Lock Pandora’s box in this desire
Light overwhelms and overtakes
The base primal animal transcends
And rises on the wave of a spiral
Hard to soft the shell undoing
The construct of your love and hate
Redirect the smile from secrets
To expose the tender flesh
Render me your hunger sated
And invite me to penetrate
Weak and shaking you overtaking
Resurrecting angelic strength
Breathe new life into this jagged
Mystery and perforate
Break the seal and wake the dead
Infiltrate my core and puncture it
Bleeding out this radiance

I have covered your mouth with my hands
Choking my devotion in your contempt
Sliding my silence on your mockery
Gripping at me
Gripping at me