Fill the cracks
A broken state
I desire multiplicity
In no self the possibility
A seed buried in my womb
A planted need aborted
Strip off and bleed it
Out away in the sea
And wash it like a wave
Crashing death
In the end
There is no end
Foam spray rebirth
In the beginning
Mermaid of song
Draining in my hole
Rip off the flesh
Bypassed sailor
Pull into port
Creative drone
Night standing
Alone when I’m crowded
In a shell with all of them
A thousand faces
I’m one and none
I am your hole
Complete with emptiness
My meat is your laughter
Integral wound
Searing whole
Back to pieces
Drowning in my mouth
Gritty heart
Stained with love
Just a spot
Rub it out
With the rest
A minor detail
Put to the test
Grind down my teeth
On your sword
Forcing my jaw
To lock up the words
I am your hole
Complete with emptiness
Bring back the day
You went away
Shedding like ash
I’m your cigarette
Smoked and burned
Snuffed like a porno film
The child defiled
Your sniper picked off
The last haven
Underneath the skin
And no place is safe
Nothing is clean
A minor detail
Put to rest
Amalgam of feelings
Needles in my head
Shut out the screams
A minor detail
There is no end
Welded shut
In the hole you flushed
Mechanical arms
Hydrolic sex
Push pull start
Mend me again
Let me bleed in your arms
Open your heart wider still
And fill my hungry thrill
A minor detail
I am your hole
Complete with emptiness
Desire unmet
Pry it open
Thrust again
Advent of your illusion
Rattle the cage
Swallow my rage.