In the small hours of the night
The warrior paws at the sky
Sleepless eyes run dry
Like the dread he sweat in the day
Restless wind slips over him and away
To those places where the wind goes
Unknown and distant
The ones he’s always looking for

Now he lives caught in between his bills and his desires
A belief in a dream that his folly youth could aspire
To be everyday truth

And always he strives to reach higher
Lifted by his hope he paws at the sky
Asking for time to make more room
So he can grow to touch the moon
He knows the stars are a bit far
After all it couldn’t be so hard
For him because he is all
The special center of a warm world
Out there in the cold world
Disbelief plants wounds
Doubt lines the interior of this thoughts
Like a field of mines
The swords he wields
Words of steel
Now’s he clinging to his anger
Now he’s anchored to his hate
Now he’s letting go of his naïve state
Caught between reality and dreams
What is what was and what could be
He lives a life of extremes
Love and warmth somewhere far behind
He’s a social conditioning Frankenstein
He is the collapsing will of a tainted heart
Not allowed to choose between tears and fists
His life is a long list of what-ifs
He buries his soul in the woman he knows
Maybe she can find him a way out
She is everything he was taught to want
Not too bold but she knows
What she is talking about
Not too loud and just proud enough to be his
He wishes things that aren’t so tough
So he plunges his meanings into her feelings
And goes along with what she wants
He still cannot articulate what made him lose sight
Of all of those wars he dreamed he’d fight
When he was a boy with his toys
Then somewhere along the way he became the toy
To her whims, to his job, to the people who would chew him up
And spit him out

In a society built on disposable relations to personally advance
Take what you can from the wreckage of others’ disasters
He was a child of privilege because he had the pleasure to be deprived
Of the ugly ways of the world that would test him
As a man, now where does he stand?
He was sheltered from harm, never pitted against the large,
The Looming that no one man can conquer
And he worries that he doesn’t know his place
Now he’s not so important because there are bigger wars
Now he’s not so anchored to his anger from before
There was no other way to know, he says
There was no other way to go
But he paws at the sky wondering how much more could I go?
With James Brown singin’ on the radio
“This is a man’s world…”
And he wonders how much longer it will take for him to know
What that means
And then she tells him
Come away, stop thinking so much
And once again he finds himself caught between reality and dreams…