Where all is real and all has yet to be
In the lines where our dreams meet
The delicate moments of memories
In our lives where laughter is complete
And finally I can breathe in the healing
Of mystery
I am open and exposed
Cradled in receptivity in your arms around me
My innocence
The notes of a melody change the old song
And I hear
The sweet flow of a stream
Possibility and new meaning
A new way of singing
That the world may be cruel
But you are my secret
And pain isn’t new but your tune is the high wire
Like your style driven by desire
We walk between things that are and that were
This is a beginning of what could be

This is a beginning of what could be
Inside the dream

The harsh edge shifts again, bares my skin
As I point my blades away
From your face, from our space
My words are angled once again
To trace back into the past
A Picasso of hindsight
I knew I would find it
In the here
In the now
I dwell in the silent understanding
This is more than we own
Yet no more than we’d hoped
And no less than we know
Stillness washes over the breakneck speed
We know and don’t know
So life unfolds like a rose
Of infinitely beautiful petals
Trimmed in delicate vibrancy
One misstep could be fatal
When the bond is tenuously formed
Like the butterfly’s wings
Dreaming of flying

I want to be inside the dream

Grace, a state slipped into
And yes I use a passive tense
Like my scent on your pillow
Or your lips on my forehead
You touch me without fingers
You penetrate me
Reverberate within me
Resounding my inner joy
Love is not an issue
Of discomforts and unknown

My life is my message
I live and die by the edges
Of my face
So close to your hand
Where the grip and the stand
Made love in the sand
That slipped away on a note
Of a new melody
And fell away in the fray
With a lover’s ease
The smile that curled my lips
In the world that sunk beneath
The sight of those who don’t see
Forgotten by all who forgot how to believe
But they stole away on an intimate note
The king of the world and his queen of hope
jaaneman, the soul of life’s mystery…