Threads of dreams close around these fingers
Tie fluid spirit to the rock of strength
Intent and truth crack the shell
Drawing out possibilities from lies
Exposed like cheap magic tricks
The flushed pieces float up like junk
To the surface of my face
Where your cold words linger like ghosts
Under a slate of ice behind my eyes
And the Houdini that’s trapped behind
Holds my breath waiting for the light

Inside where the laugh brims with life
You reach out a lifeline like a beacon
I’m a raft lost to sea and you are my sunrise
Where I can see the illusion’s gone
With the night that drained away
What looked real under the moon
Till the waves drew back
Leaving crimes not yet paid
Poking out like shells in the sand

“What have I done?”
Wringing my hands
“This can be fixed.”
I pace the cage
I built with promises
That grew to excuses
The sharp taste in my voice
When you spoke of
The deferment of my choice
When I choked out my vision
And closed up the tears
You open the pit of anger
That I locked in my gut

“So what?”
I recused myself of my role
Invented the shape of my world
My castles crumbled
And the tall pedestal is narrow
The deluded pride I held
I broke
“It’s over now, it’s over kiddo”
I’ve come down hard and hit the ground
My wings are so small
And the flight is long
I wish there was an easier way
To say that I slipped up bad
But it doesn’t matter
Now that it’s gone
Now the cold reality
Stares in my face
From the end of a double barrel
From down the abyss

“So what?”

I will not cry, I don’t even dare
Maybe I’ll laugh and find out I care